Longitudinal section through a hollow bone (40X)

Image copyright: Mathias Nordvi, ARR. (Tissue stain: X-Ray).

This is a microradiogram of a longitudinal section of a bone . There is a cross section of bone as well. The areas that appear lighter are the ones that are mineralized and block the x-rays an leave a "light shadow" on the x-ray film. The cortical bone is seen as lighter areas at both sides of the "black" bone marrow.

A large darg area is seen at the center of the image only to be phalanxed by two lighter yellow areas that represent the cortical bone. The dark area is the bone marrow and the cavity that it occupies in a bone can be called a marrow cavity.

This longitudinal section is showing both the epi- and diaphysis, and the primary issificationcenter. It is impossible to view detail of it in a microradiogram. See if you can find any similarities in the H+E stained longitudinal section of a hollow bone.